Our developments are, and continue to be, highly recognised and valued contributions to Australia’s cities and communities.

From its early inception, Rocdon has been progressing design and living standards across Australia. Seeing opportunities where others don’t and using creative solutions to turn challenges and constraints into achievements has defined Rocdon’s highly regarded industry reputation. The company prides itself on bringing together specialists from diverse industry sectors to generate timeless built forms and grow market demand. Diverse projects, ranging from multi-residential and hospitality developments to commercial retail and land subdivisions, form part of an impressive portfolio valued in excess of $600million.


"We invest our time and apply our expertise to every detail, as if we were going to live or work there ourselves. We leave behind a legacy of built forms that capture a market’s imagination by way of a point of difference, a stand out location and quality of product. Residences with a defining edge that you can drive past many years later and still see their relevance. .

We apply the same high standards to everything we do from acquisitions, planning and permits, to environment, community and marketing. Unique perspectives and urban insights, analytics and creativity go hand in hand, allowing us to achieve a consistent 'sold out' status in a competitive Australian market. "

We collaborate with the industry’s most talented professionals, those who share our appreciation of quality and our ambition to develop every property to its full potential.


Our forward vision saw us at the forefront of the apartment lifestyle boom 20 years ago, when we created one of Melbourne’s first multiresidential beachfront developments (St Louis Apartments).

We’ve also set the precedent for sustainable living (Sunrise at 1770) nearly a decade ago and have the networks that see us as a leading buyer of large inner city lots for subdivision or redevelopment (Canterbury Road, St Kilda, ROI, Fitzroy North).


"Property development is a long-term investment and accountability is paramount. Our size allows us to manage the entire development process or add value at any specific stage. We are focused on creating lasting, profitable outcomes for our clients with innovative designs, fiscally responsible processes and the strength of an experienced and well-resourced business structure committed to quality and economic viability.

The outcome is a resilient, competitive and viable project that will be a proud testament to our clients and a valuable asset to its community and the environment."

DON MUSTO, Director, Rocdon.