Transforming a high visitation tourist attraction into a leading, environmentally sustainable hot spot.


Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Rocdon plans to enhance one of Australia’s most visited natural attractions with offering into a world-class tourist experience. The towering rock formations of the 12 Apostles are an iconic landmark set along one of Australia’s most dramatic coastlines bordered by the Great Ocean Road. Using their signature, highly evolved and award-winning approach to developing eco-escapes, Rocdon will enhance the location’s capacity to attract and retain visitors via a beautifully conceived hot thermal spa and wellness centre, dining and accommodation that is focussed on showcasing the pure, unspoilt beauty of the region.

The global spa and wellness industry is tourism’s fastest growth sector and Rocdon plans to unlock the destination’s natural secrets by revealing a pristine, geothermal spa. Set around the natural asset will be a comprehensive wellness centre, luxury resort accommodation with secluded guest pods and complementary fine dining and café facilities that will use fresh, organic produce grown onsite. The project will significantly raise the local economy, providing a destination to encourage day visitors to stay longer while creating a new benchmark in sustainable design that will attract a wider demographic of visitors to the area.

This luxe retreat and wellness destination will become a leading example of how tourism and pristine, protected natural environments can co-exist for the benefit of all.